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Technological superiority

The technology utilized by the chosen vendor directly impacts the number of eligible claims discovered & paid. Not all software solutions are created equal, which accounts for Medidal’s record of uncovering viable underpayment claims in the data that other vendors’ solutions missed.

Extensive knowledge and experience

Medidal has perfected technology that is literally years ahead of the competition. The healthcare industry knowledge and the application programming expertise that Medidal brings to its clients is well-known within the revenue cycle and patient financial services sectors.

Eligible claims, not just eligible individuals

This translates to your facility receiving reports containing only eligible claims, unlike the services that boast high returns of eligible individuals. These vendors frequently include a high number of ineligible claims that unnecessarily requires additional facility resources to discover.

Track record of success

Medidal has a simple definition of success: the delivery of more dollars, more claims, and in less time than anyone else. Our automated solutions reduce human error and can conduct full, comprehensive reviews of 100% of the claims much more quickly; services that rely largely on manual processes typically “cherry pick” rather than perform full review.

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