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Medidal Corporation is a healthcare technologies services company that offers revenue cycle solutions that existing healthcare systems were not designed to accommodate. Over the past 15 years, our "intelligent" software algorithms and compliance & insurance expertise have resulted in an innovative suite of product offerings that are best in class.

Today, Medidal boasts hundreds of millions of dollars in newly identified claims and an enviable industry success rate.

Medidal has electronic transaction capabilities for Medicare and Medicaid in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. Our engineering team practices agile development methodologies, which coupled with rigorous industry & standards monitoring, ensures our Transfer Recovery and Eligibility products remain on the cutting edge of technological innovation, compliance mandates, and automated revenue cycle solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Perceived reduced up-front fees can shift hidden costs back to the client; cost benefits gained through outsourcing may be reduced due to heavy use of in-house resources & training.

Strict HIPAA adherence is, of course, absolutely required. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) is responsible for creating and enforcing, through revoked access or the Department of Justice, various rules and regulations governing data usage & transactions. Failure to monitor the ever-changing legal and regulatory landscape and implement changes as needed not only minimizes successful underpayment adjustments, but can also put the company at risk.

And Medidal has unique relationships with all national Administrative Contractors for Medicare and TriCare® and the vast majority of state Management Information Systems for Medicaid.

Medidal can accommodate real-time integration with the facility’s systems but does not require it. Our services are designed to supplement hospital’s traditional systems and processes, not replace them.

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Our Management Team

George Angrick

President & CEO

George Angrick founded Medidal in 2003 as a boutique software engineering company to develop “Software as a Service” (SaaS) applications. Since its inception, Medidal has expanded its services to provide revenue cycle services to hundreds of hospitals helping millions of patients. He has degrees in management, accounting, and statistical analysis from Indiana University.

John Hargrave

EVP, Account Management & Sales

John is responsible for overseeing client accounts and sales teams, as well as maintaining critical working relationships with the state Medicaid Management Information Systems and the federal Medicare Administrative Contractors. He is Medidal’s “ear to the ground,” ensuring that our clients’ needs always come first.

Andrew Angrick

VP, Medicaid Technologies

Andrew is responsible for engineering all Medicaid connections for Medidal nationwide, as well as Medidal’s web service applications. As a recognized expert in internet development for over 15 years, he has contributed to technical books, including Using HTML; Using Perl; Using CGI; and Microsoft Guide to ActiveX Programming.

Martin Malmin

VP Finance, CFO

Martin Malmin's experience is extensive, having served in leadership positions at the Pillsbury Company, Infogames, and Munsingwear. He is responsible for all of Medidal’s Financial and Accounting activities. Mr. Malmin also oversees the quality control processes for operational support from Medidal’s Minnesota office in Waconia.

Anita Grimmer

VP, Compliance and R&D

Anita co-founded Medidal Corporation in 2003 and has led its research, development, and compliance teams ever since. Prior to Medidal, she engineered protocol handlers and device drivers to translate between proprietary diagnostic imaging modalities, networks, hardware and the evolving DICOM-compliant imaging systems--and oversaw these implementations for Hitachi Medical, Philips Medical, Siemens Medical, and GE Medical.

Ramona Sandru

Operations Manager

Ramona specializes in Medicare Eligibility transaction processing and Medicare Inpatient Transfer auditing/Transfer DRG underpayment auditing. Prior to joining Medidal, she served as Sr Business Analyst for MAXIMUS, a leading provider of government services worldwide. Ramona holds a Masters in International Studies and Political Science from Loyola University.