Transfer Recovery System

Medicare underpayments occur when a patient is discharged as a “transfer,” but there is no post-acute care (PAC) billing. This often happens when a patient decides to forego the recommended PAC after discharge. Accurate transfer coding at the time of discharge is difficult, if not impossible, as it requires that the discharge staff know what the patient will do in the future--not merely what the patient is advised- or intends to do. Unless a specific underpayment audit is conducted for these cases, the revenue loss will persist and continue to grow.

Our solution automates all of the Medicare inpatient transfer rules, while remaining highly responsive to the dynamic changes in Medicare claim correction procedures. Expedite the fastest cash recovery of Medicare underpayments.


Understand Transfer DRG Reviews in 5 Minutes

Although all providers can benefit financially from Transfer DRG reviews, it's common for most to forgo it; and often, those who do decide to perform a first-time, secondary, or even tertiary review may blame themselves for the underpayments. Relax. It's not your fault. Your staff could not have prevented this from happening. Check out this deck to understand why underpayments occur in the first place.