Provider Advantage Service

Medidal’s insurance and eligibility discovery service finds previously unidentified Medicare and Medicaid claims eligibility on accounts that have been written off. We manage the process end-to-end, including status claims, denial management, and the facilitation of DSH reports.

We review 100% of uncompensated accounts and have a hit rate of 5-12% in newly identified eligibility; we manage status claims & denial management services; and we help facilitate DSH reports. This could mean significant additional revenue for your organization, with the convenience of a single service provider to streamline processes and timelines to payment.


Unclaimed Dollars

Services provided to uninsured or self-pay patients often result in unbillable and uncollectable fees. With no third-party payer identified at time of service, or subsequently through an eligibility vendor software program, the services provided are unbillable. They are often assigned to the Self Pay, Charity, Limit of Liability or Bad Debt buckets – increasing the outstanding A/R.


Case Study